Establishing the Boundaries of a Biblical Worldview


K.C. Wheare, in his book, Modern Constitutions, (1951) made these observations about democracy:

“De Tocqueville said, in his Democracy in America, that ‘it is easier to establish an absolute and despotic government among the people in which the conditions of society are equal, than among any other.'”

“In a democracy men often love equality more than liberty, and if need be they will throw away liberty to secure equality.”

“This is not to say that the trend of judicial decision in Australia has been against the growth of central powers. In fact, by the interpretation of certain powers, other than that over inter-State commerce, it has been possible for a wide sphere of industrial life to be placed under the regulation of the Commonwealth and indeed for the whole system of government to become more centralized than that of the United States or Canada.”

“Lying is to democracy what manure is to rhubarb.”

Can you believe someone actually said that?

Sometimes you wonder what depths highly paid academics will go to in offering the public the latest in academic research.

In 2003, a Reader in Politics at a British University claimed to have discovered something the ordinary citizen has known all along.

Politicians lie.

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